Jumbo loans in Miami

Not sure if you need a jumbo loan? A quick way to know is based on what you need to borrow and where you are looking to purchase. For most of the country, borrowing more than $715,000.00 warrants a jumbo loan. In Miami, jumbo loans are listed at more than $715,001.00.

A jumbo loan, simply put, is a very large loan that does not qualify for conforming loan limits, also referred to as a standard mortgage. Because of this, interest rates for jumbo loans are bit higher.

Union Mortgage is a multifaceted lender in Miami. We offer a wide array of residential and commercial mortgage products, including jumbo loans. Although jumbo loans are associated with higher interest rates, currently they are lower than in past years. If you would like to learn more about jumbo loans in the Miami area, please fill the form below and we’ll guide you through all our lending options.

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